Love you more with a cloth pad!

You might already have heard about physical and environmental benefits using cloth pads, like reducing waste, safer material, reduce skin irritations, etc etc…

What I love the most about using cloth menstrual pads is, you are given a chance to treat and know what your body doing.

Since I starts using cloth pads, I touch and wash off my blood  every time.
For the first couple of times, I felt “Yuck!” feeling to be honest.
All those feeling has gone shortly, and it sounds wired but I just love it now!

Yes, I love my period.
I like to check how my flow was like and how difference from last time.
I feel dealing with period with seeing, touching and smelling are a great way to love yourself more.
To accept period.
To accept and blessed being as a woman.
To accept whole of me.

It is sad that disposable pad is not only taken this opportunity but also damp it as if it’s annoying things that you don’t want to have it.

Please enjoy your moon days as it is a sacred and blessing function that we are given for every single, beautiful woman on this planet.

And, for moms of daughters, your little girls are seeing the way you take care of your moon days!