Sakura dye

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In my yard, there is a beautiful Sakura tree.

It blooms gorgeously in the spring, that reminds me of my childhood in Japan.


After enjoying beautiful blossom, I wonder what colour the Sakura tree wants to show.
Dye from plants, usually makes different colour from their appearance.

So, I collected red leaves and branches right before they fall off, and put them into dye pot.


Just heating the leaves and branches, it’s not strong enough to dye fabric.
With a secret sprinkle of soda ash, the dye water gets deeper and brighter !

It’s interesting that the dye bath is brownish at the beginning but as many as you change water and heat the material, it becomes reddish.
I tried Myrobalan and Oak gal for pre-dye for cotton fabric to add on tannin.
I like Oak gal is better as Myrobalan can make color a bit dull.


Left: Iron mordant, Right:Alum mordant


Sakura Scarf


I make Sakura dyed Eco moon pad when the source is available.
I like Madder and Lac which make beautiful bright colors, however, a gentle colour like Sakura makes me feel safe and relived like enjoying tea at a quiet cafe.
Also it’s great to observe your flow as blood is more visible than Madder or Lac.

I like using naturally harvested materials for my dye projects.
You don’t expect too much to make a specific color, in a specific shade, instead enjoy how the plants want to express whatever it shows at the end.

It a peaceful opportunity to listen what the nature wants to talk to me.
Their voice is so quiet but determined.  All I need is acceptance.