Pop-up shop in Vancouver, Feb 12!

Eco Moon Pad will be in Vancouver on Sun., Feb. 12

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Are you interested in or curious about washable menstrual pads that are made of organic heavy flannel cotton and with natural plants dyes? Yui has put a lot of love and energy into them. They are so earth and body friendly, too!


The organic heavy flannel cotton is unbelievably soft and delicate, and her eye pillows are amazing, too.


Eco Moon Pad is based in Squamish and sells her products online and at summer markets there.
Don’t miss this opportunity! She’ll be bringing her products and waiting to see you at Tama Organic Life store.


Sunday, February 12th, 12pm-3pm
Tama Organic Life (2828 E Hastings St #102, Vancouver)


Sakura dye

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In my yard, there is a beautiful Sakura tree.

It blooms gorgeously in the spring, that reminds me of my childhood in Japan.


After enjoying beautiful blossom, I wonder what colour the Sakura tree wants to show.
Dye from plants, usually makes different colour from their appearance.

So, I collected red leaves and branches right before they fall off, and put them into dye pot.


Just heating the leaves and branches, it’s not strong enough to dye fabric.
With a secret sprinkle of soda ash, the dye water gets deeper and brighter !

It’s interesting that the dye bath is brownish at the beginning but as many as you change water and heat the material, it becomes reddish.
I tried Myrobalan and Oak gal for pre-dye for cotton fabric to add on tannin.
I like Oak gal is better as Myrobalan can make color a bit dull.


Left: Iron mordant, Right:Alum mordant


Sakura Scarf


I make Sakura dyed Eco moon pad when the source is available.
I like Madder and Lac which make beautiful bright colors, however, a gentle colour like Sakura makes me feel safe and relived like enjoying tea at a quiet cafe.
Also it’s great to observe your flow as blood is more visible than Madder or Lac.

I like using naturally harvested materials for my dye projects.
You don’t expect too much to make a specific color, in a specific shade, instead enjoy how the plants want to express whatever it shows at the end.

It a peaceful opportunity to listen what the nature wants to talk to me.
Their voice is so quiet but determined.  All I need is acceptance.

Natural dye x Organic cotton

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It’s such a joy to work with natural dye.
And organic cotton.

Both warm, gentle and simple.

I understand quality is important.
However, dealing with organic cotton and natural dye, there are always some uneveness and different shade of color every batch, which is because they are natural, and  being produced with safer practice with little use of toxic chemicals.

We are so much used to nicely shaped and bright vegetables at groccery store.
We are so much used to get rid of stuff that is odd shape or tiny stains even you can eat them with no problem.

In natural world, living things including human are not perfect .

Well, actually we are all perfect as is, if we can accept that.

I hope you could enjoy the quality of cotton and natural dye that keep your body and heart warm.