Benefit of cotton warmth

Have you ever heard that a cloth menstrual pad can reduce discomfort during moondays such as skin irritation, dumpiness and odor?
Moreover, it improves quality of moon days and reduce monthly clamping?
Wow. Is it true? Why?
Is it true that the disposable pad contains toxins that affects on quality of menstruation?
Well, Let me talk from my and my clients experience. It is true that with using a cloth pad, it is highly likely to improve your quality of moon days and reduce discomforts.
At first, because a cloth pad is made of cotton. It is breathable.
So it physically helps to reduce itchiness, dumpiness and odor.
Plastic sheet vs 100% cotton. Make sense.
What about reducing monthly clamping and improving quality?
It sounds like too good to be true. Right?
This is because, from my observation,  the warmth from cotton keeps body warm.
I mean, warmth like snuggling in flannel blanket that makes your body relax.
I feel my womb is relaxed. I believe, this warmth helps to improve quality of moon days. Having said that, I feel cold when I use a disposable pad, and it makes my body tighten up.
I had been suffering from severe clamping in my 20’s. It was tough.
Now, it is gone. Wow.
Please don’t get me wrong.
I am not intended to focus on “effects” of cloth pad. I just want you, -every woman- to feel the warmth from cotton and feel difference.
Your body will talk you eventually. Keep your body warm!
♪The GOT certified organic cotton is used for all ECO MOON PAD products. Each pad is hand-dyed with natural dye by me. Gentle on your body, mind and Earth.